Marion will do as you suggested.

The receipt has to be signed and stamped by the authorities.


I don't speak Hebrew.

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The crowd cheered again.

Elisabeth was becoming more and more afraid.

Go and find him.

I think this one is good.

He has never been heard of since.

I'm inclined to agree with you.

I like sweet cakes very much.

Police Lieutenant Mwa Jackson is determined to catch the fugitive.

This is usually unnecessary.

Her persistent work ethic was due to her education in the school of hard knocks.

I kept all his clothes from when he was a baby. Do you want them?


You can't go against the laws of nature.

He is always busy feathering his own nest.

Because an average person doesn't need 3D, or high whatchacallit speeds.


The unemployment rate dropped to a five-year low in January.


Can you go to the seaside tomorrow?


Spy's father died before he was born.

Don't you think you should've told Rajendra?

Prices rise.

There are many factors.

These two shirts are made from the same material.

I've been lurking all night, waiting for you to come out of your bedroom.

Did you walk from the bus?

In 2011, certain things make me smile.

What can I do about it?

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Jef is the tallest one in the class.

We didn't have to help you! Show a little gratitude!

I'm trying to prove Ramesh's innocence.

The train leaves Tokyo Station at 7.

He likes walking in the park.

Fine, Curt. Have it your way.

Then arose the question of where we were to get the necessary machinery.

The jury is deliberating.

The first speech was given at the convention by none other than Clint Eastwood, the famous actor.


He's not eating right. I think he's sick.

She wrote one letter.

I don't adhere to any particular political tendency.


The bus burst into flames.

The company was forced to lay off many employees.

Her speech bored me.

Vishal goes swimming almost every day.

Suyog looks pretty relaxed.

I did not know that she has a child.

Jenine is pretty cool, isn't he?


Tomorrow I won't be here.


He always seems to be living rent-free in somebody's house.

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Never associate with bad fellows.

Once a year does not hurt.

I told Bradford that we could trust you.


They went to Boston.

Rusty won't be at school today.

She hurried so she wouldn't be late.

Do either of you know a guy named Elizabeth Jackson?

This is a genuine picture by Picasso.

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There are many things which we cannot evaluate in terms of money.

He has got a beautiful car.

What exactly was Bert doing?

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Can you think of anyone more suitable?


He related to his wife something interesting about his employer.

Jennifer is looking forward to going to Boston.

No one encouraged Chuck.

How do we find it?

Asian cuisine is often flavoured with monosodium glutamate.

We never swim.

We were so close!

The ambassador has returned.

They kept guard by turns.


This is nothing more than a marketing stunt.

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Tiny particles in the air can cause cancer.

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I understand it.


I find words with concise definitions to be the easiest to remember.

May they live long!

Elizabeth grinned from ear to ear.

We don't want this one.

You seem like you're in a big hurry.

Where can I find her?

Do you want them to help?

Maybe Marcos has had an accident.

Why would I want your watch?


I'm beginning to get curious.

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I didn't meet any of my friends.

Maybe dad can do the dirty deed.

In the end we decided to ask our teacher for advice.

We can't let them kill him.

I never even found out her name.

I don't think Oskar knows my telephone number.

Did somebody hit her?

I plan to go to bed as soon as all these people go home.

We'll be destroyed.

"Nature is cruel and beautiful... like me," said Louiqa.

Tell them what you need.

What's stopping you from doing research?

My brother got more Christmas presents than me.


I hope I can go to Australia one day.

My uncle comes to see me from time to time.

Don't reach for the moon, child.

These are truly the best products.

I will do my best to pass the examination.

I'm so jealous.

I don't consider this to be important.


Europe can only assert itself with the very high quality wines which it has.

He has a black heart.

Where did you massacre them?

You won the lottery? No way!

Alexander told me that he was very hungry.

Tell her that I am drinking juice.

The word order has to be changed.


I took these statistics from a government white paper on education.

I like her sense of style. Her clothes and makeup always look good.

What would you do if you were in my place?


It's technically illegal.

This car is as big as that car.

Sjaak isn't that attractive.


Wait for us here.


What I want to know is how Byron got here.

I found all the shops closed by that time.

Concrete can be reinforced by putting steel bars inside it.

Neil lives in a bad part of town.

I felt ill at ease in the presence of the principal.

Can you outmaneuver your opponents?

I decided to subscribe to the magazine.

I think you must be tired.

I don't know where she went.

You should've kept that secret.

Today I feel higher than the mountains. Today I want to touch the sky.

As a singer, she's well known.

I asked her to leave.

The car hit a telephone pole.

I fell asleep while reading a book.

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It seems someone called on me in my absence.

Juha said he's really sorry for what happened.

He just came back from the library.


Poverty prevented him from continuing his studies.

This problem is hard to solve.

Didn't you know that he had gone abroad then?

Waiter, the check please.

Nelken had to make a tough decision.

Amanda will try it.

She likes Russian pop.

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Saying is quite different from doing.

Pria wished Suzanne was with him.

I wish my whole family were here.

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I've seen her do it before.

My zipper stuck halfway up.

The names are in the order of the actors' appearance on the stage.

My old car brought me $100.

I thought we were finished with that.

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Why do you think soccer isn't popular in the US?


I don't heat their house.

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Neal got some chewing gum stuck on the bottom of his shoe.

We should've been more focused.

She is older than Jane by two years.

Carole is nice, isn't he?

I thought that you wanted to go with us.


I will try to say it guardedly, I will only politely hint at it.

Few reach the age of one hundred.

The view is so beautiful!

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As wisdom grows, and so does pain.

The train stopped.

I'll see Art tonight.